The Painting Is Alive.

During his career as an errand boy at the bakery, a bank manager and a professional football player and labour expert, Jos Engbersen has always kept his real passion, painting, alive.

Jos began painting at an early age in Almelo, the Netherlands. Over the years, he has been experimenting with various media and creating his works primarily in acrylic. The beauty of Jos' paintings is in the detailed capture of light and color. Using the photographic precision technique in his works, Jos seamlessly combines realistic and abstract elements.

Jos finds inspiration and subjects for his art in human emotions, Twente region's landscape, animals, and still life.

Jos Engbersen

Born May 25th, 1954 in Almelo. JosExpertise is realism with acrylics.

Current and upcoming expositions:
- 3th March 2020 till current - Martini hospital Groningen - Ground floor
- 6th september - "Montmartre" in the garden of city hall Goor
- 19th & 20th september - Open Atelierroute Almelo
- Or on appointment you can visit the painter at home

Further activities:
- Wednesday morning - September till April - Painting lessons
Recent Works